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Преобразуйте предложения поставив выделенные существительные и местоимения во множественное число

Тесты к урокам 1-12

A. Образуйте отрицательную, вопросительную и вопросительно-отрицательную форму следующих предложений:

2. He could decide what to do.

3. It’s difficult to make a decision.

4. He was planning to go with her.

5. She’d like to go with you.

6. They were making an attempt to plan their future.

7. She would consider going back east.

8. There’s a chance he’ll go.

9. He spent a few days in the mountains.

10. It’s easy to make a decision.

11. That’s a practical idea.

12. They should try to plan for the future.

B. Преобразуйте предложения, поставив выделенные существительные и местоимения во множественное число.

There is a letter on the table.

There are some letters on the table.

He is a manager. They are managers.

1. I saw a boy in the street.

3. I received a letter from England.

4. There is a fish in the jar.

8. A sales representative must be a creative person.

9. He works as a foreman at our company.

10. He became the president of a big company.

11. The delivery will be delayed for approximately 5 days.

12. The firm did not pay duty in time.

C. Вместо оборотов с предлогом of образуйте обороты с существительными в притяжательном падеже:

The car of the Commercial Director.

1. A book of Mr. Sage. 2. A letter of my boss. 3. The hand of Mrs. Leondes. 4. The room of managers. 5. Names of salesmen. 6. The advice of Miss Jane. 7. Businessmen of the Ukraine. 8. The proposal of our Director. 9. A receipt of a consignee. 10. A bill of lading of a ship. 11. A call from John Smithers. 12. The commission of Mr. Bell.

D. Вставьте там, где это необходимо, определенный либо неопределенный артикль.

1. One of. most exciting new developments in . modems is . ability of. modem to transmit . voice down . telephone line at . same time as it is sending . data. 2. system of. commercial banks was created in . Lithuania. There were . 28 commercial banks in . middle of 1994. 3. At . millions of . offices, . fax machines are boosting . productivity and cutting . telecom costs. 4. . exhibitors have taken . advantage of. enormous assembly of. international journalists at. exhibition. 5. exhibition has always been . place for introducing . new products and . new technology. 6. The Internet provides us with . reliable alternative to . expensive and erratic telecommucations system of. Ukraine. 7. All of. large, multinational corporations have built . very attractive stands at . exhibition. 8. To meet. goal of. plan, they have sought to clarify . future direction. 9. . plan is . first step in preparing . company for . 21th century. 10. . software and services represent one of. fastest growing sectors of. computer market in . Eastern Europe.

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