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Выбери правильное местоимение запиши ответы в таблицу is in year

Выберите правильное местоимение. запиши ответы в таблицу. is in year 7. am betty. is yellow. 4.how old are 5. where are is at school. am sad. a)i a)i a)you a)you a)she a)you a)she b)they b)he b)it b)i b)i b)he b)he c)she c)she c)they c)he c)they c)they c)i


and her mather married her on old king. he was very ugly. he said to her, that she must spin thread for three days. but she coudn t spin threads. she began to cry, but somewhere she saw a cat, it said that if she guessed his name he will spin for her threads. she guessed his name and he span for her threads

day 1: monday – in the morning i thought hard about my algebra test and tried my best in school, i was in a bad mood because i wasn’t able to answer a question during geography.

tuesday- i didn’t have breakfast and was i late to school but then i found out that i got a good mark in algebra and i was very happy.

wednesday- the chemistry teacher said that i did well in last week’s test and i was very glad, but then i forgot about the geometry test and failed it miserably.

thursday- it was a very boring day, we had biology which i really dislike and i failed to asnwer a question and got a bad mark.

friday- friday is my favourite day, i had a good time because my class and i had a fun history project in which i did very well and got a good mark.

saturday- i woke up at around 10 o’clock and then went to extra english at 11 am. in the afternoon i went out with my friends and i watched tv and browsed the internet in the evening.

sometimes school uniform is said to be compulsory as it learns people discipline. still, i do not share this point of view. in my opinion, school form limits pupils’ freedom. from time to time i, personally, feel myself uncomfortable because of it. i can also say that such uniform makes teenagers doubt in themselves for they are so young and want to be bright and attractive, but school form, as a rule, doesn’t allow this. how one wears is his individuality, and it’s odd if he generally wears strict uniform. i believe that it’s not a right way arisen by the pressure of social surroundings. and in the end i wanna add that my hopes are that school form should be taken away. yet, it’s only what i think.

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