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Замените выделенные слова личными местоимениями the teacher helped the pupils

Замените выделенные слова личными местоимениями

1 He helped them to translate it
2 She asked her to wash them
3 He writes it to her
4 She took them from him
5 They live in it.
6 They will come tomorrow
7 She works in it

1) He (или she) helped them to translate it.
2) She asked her to wash them.
3) He writes it to her.
4) She took them from him.
5) They live in it.
6) They will come tomorrow.
7) She works in it.

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ТЕСТ 13. — Глаголы to be, to have (got). Выбери правильный вариант ответа.

Tom and Bob __ got a lot of friends. a) has b) have c) is

8) My father soup for lunch.

10) There a nice picture on the wall.

11) There a lot of trees in the park.

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letter to a magazine in reply to a review about the new Red Box album. Write a letter of 100–120 words, disagreeing with the review . Надо написать письмо в журнал о том что вы не согласны с обзором на новый альбом рэд бокс.

a) what techers do;
b) what pupils do.
give nicknames, ask clever questions, answer silly questions, read detective stoties in the lesson, draw funny pictures ion the blackboard, listen to a walkman in the lesson, discuss different problems, enjoy learning English, expain dull grammar rules, work hard, learn poems by heart, have holidays many times a year, be very polite, talk loudly during the break, do homework ebery day, copy long sentences, give bad marks, get good marks

матери.с раннего возраста она начала проявлять свои способности – в десятилетнем возрасте она уже неплохо говорила по-гречески, по-итальянски и по-французски. её латынь была безупречной – на ней она не только читала рассказы историков, но и писала письма своей мачехе – екатерине парр

тип после школы я хочу стать врачом, это такая хорошая работа и тд. желательно не слишком сложное, не скопированное с сайтов :3

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Замените выделенные слова личными местоимениями.
1)The teacher helped the pupils to translate the text.
2)Mother asked Mary to wash the plates.
3)My friends writes a letter to his sister 4)Jane took there books from Jim 5)His cousins live in Moscow 6)Their grandfather and grandmother will come tomorow
7) Mary works in a shop.

1) Dan and i___________________
2) The ruler___________________
3) You and Jane_________________
4) The children________________
5) Mr.Gray________________

2) Всавьте глагол to be.
1) I____ twelve years old.
2) He___ in Class 5J.
3) They___not from America.
4) My favourite subjects___maths and geography.
5) My PE teacher____very nice.
6) ____ you in class 5F?
7) We___friends.

3) Поставь слова в нужном порядке.
1) maths / where / the / is / lesson?
2) old / are / years / you / eleven.
3) not / this / a / is / ruler.

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Зарание спасибо! :3

1. My brother is a driver. 2. Brenda is a teacher. 3. Tatiana her sister live in Moscow.

helped “the quests” to choose “the wine” 4.”Mother” asked “Mary” to wash “the dishes”

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